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GlasgowTooth Whitening

A lot of people feel their teeth have darkened over time and would love to get their nice white smile back, or even whiter. Tooth Whitening (aka Tooth Bleaching) at Mount Florida Dental is a simple and effective method you can use to achieve this. We offer two options depending on how white you want your teeth and your budget;

  1. Basic Home Tooth Whitening Kit: custom made vacuum formed trays that can be used again and again. The trays hold special tooth whitening gel that can gradually whiten or brighten the teeth. (250, top up syringes available 25)
  2. The Enlighten System: The only option, if you want your teeth really, really in B1 or even whiter, limited only by how white your teeth can naturally go! This system has it all. Bespoke, modified trays, freshly manufactured gels and, de-sensiting varnishes and gels. (750)

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What caused my discoloured teeth in the first place?

    There are two main reasons for general tooth discolouration.

  • Chromogenic agents in things such as the food and drink we consume (eg. Tea, coffee, cola, wine, tobacco, curries, berries) which stain the teeth internally over time and with repeated exposure.
  • Age-related tooth darkening caused by the thinning of the outer enamel layer and thickening of the darker inner dentine layer of a tooth.There are other causes that can cause discolouration that require different treatment (e.g. poor oral hygiene, tooth decay, discoloured and/or failing dental restorations, tooth trauma, root canal treatment, Fluorosis, Tetracycline etc) and that is why it is important that we see you for an examination so that we can advised you if tooth whitening is suitable and fix any problems before tooth whitening.

How does it work? (the Science bit)

A special tooth whitening gel is applied to the teeth, which produces a very reactive molecule called a “free radical”. This molecule is able to interact and breakdown the pigmented compounds that have become entrapped in the tooth. The by-products of the oxidation process are colourless and hence a whitening effect occurs.

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